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If you are looking for commercial archiving, filing, organising, unpacking or PA services in Kent, London, Essex or Surrey, then LRB Organise can help.

LRB Organise can help you declutter your office and organise your working space.
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If you are moving offices and don't know where to start, then I can assist with unpacking and arranging your new office space.
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Providing a totally confidential service, I specialise in archiving and organising your paperwork for storage. I offer a totally confidential service and have many years experience in this area.
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PA Services
Are your weekends and evenings taken up with opening mail, paying bills, trying to call companies when their phone lines are closed? Do you run your own business and would like somebody to keep on top of the filing and paperwork side?
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"I had 10 years worth of research, literature and paperwork that I had never managed to sort properly on my own. Leanne was like an office angel, she was kind, patient, easy to work with, and very efficient. Not only did we sort through and organise everything, we systemised it and I was left with new skills in organising that I have used many times since. My head feels less cluttered which has allowed me to better use the resources I had (which I could never find) and start to write which has also previously felt too difficult."

Dr Sara Betteridge
Chartered Psychologist. 2020/2021

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