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LRB Organise offers a confidential and reliable service to help you de-clutter your home, garage, loft or office space.

With organisation and understanding, I can help you to regain valuable space in your home and as I clean as I go, the final result will be a fresh start to set you on the right path to a more organised and clutter free life.

This includes the supply of boxes and bags.

Please contact me for a FREE initial consultation.

All sessions are confidential.

Click here to see before and after picture of Leanne's most recent decluttering project.

Declutter your way to a more settled and organised future.

"Thank you so much Leanne. You do have a magic wand after all! I feel so much happier and lighter without all the dis-organised mess around.

It's like emerging out of a fog! It no longer feels like an impossible mountain to climb to have a tidy, organised house. You have worked very hard and we really do appreciate your efforts! Thank you!"

J. Edwards. Tunbridge Wells, Kent.

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